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Rare Fancy Coloured Diamond High Jewellery

MIRACLES of nature

There are perhaps no other jewels in the world that possess the magnificent beauty and preciousness of rare coloured diamonds – they are alluring, mysterious and the scarcest jewels in existence. Many of the world’s most historic pink and blue diamonds have passed through the House of Graff, and we continue to create sensational rare coloured diamond jewels in our high jewellery collection; honouring their mysterious and magical beauty.

Extraordinary Rarity

It is difficult to fathom the profound scarcity of pink and blue diamonds – only a handful of superbly vibrant examples exist in the world today. Those who own these elusive treasures enter into a rarified universe; an exclusive group of connoisseurs who appreciate the very pinnacle of diamond marvels.

A Graff Pink diamond

Pink Perfection

Pink diamonds are the ultimate expression of femininity and romance. We search tirelessly for the very best stones displaying the most vivid and vibrant colour, identifying once in a lifetime discoveries and creating jewels that showcase their remarkable hues.

A Graff emerald cut pink diamond ring on pink paint background

“We are inspired by the rarest and most precious diamonds in everything we do.”

 Laurence Graff

A Graff Pear shape blue diamond

A Dream in Blue

Blue diamonds are an extraordinarily unique phenomenon and display the vivid colour of tropical seas and summer skies. In ancient times, wearing this colour was said to encourage healing and creativity, empathy and sensitivity. We are privileged to have the world’s finest blue diamonds within our high jewellery collection, including remarkably vivid examples that enchant and delight like no other on earth.

Marquise Cut Blue Diamond Ring



A Graff multi-colour diamond brooch on light blue paint background

Complementary Colour

Pink and blue diamonds often form the focal point of a piece of jewellery, but it is important to balance their colour with the purest of white diamonds, in order to enhance their unusual hues.


A Sculptural Vision

Coloured diamonds are one of nature’s rarest miracles and we design settings that allow these stellar stones to take centre-stage. Whether set in a single stone ring, or a figurative brooch that showcases perfectly matched pink or blue diamonds, we create reverential surrounds that celebrate their magnificence.

a Graff Pink and white diamond Parrot brooch with onyx beaks and sapphire eyes

The Stage is Set

In order to respect and enhance their natural beauty, our master craftsmen cradle each of our rare diamonds within almost imperceptible settings, allowing the pure hue of each jewel to radiate.


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