A lady wearing a Graff Inspired by Twombly sapphire and diamond earrings and necklace

Sculpting the Sublime

Realising perfection

Our latest unique and rare jewels exceed the imagination.

A lady wearing a Graff diamond bracelet featuring a 33.40 carat emerald cut diamond

Electrifying Elegance

Brilliant fire

Each Graff diamond is set by our master artisans to amplify the natural radiance of each stone, unleashing white fire.

A Graff Diamond Earrings in a Egyptian temple setting

Captivating Complexity

Myriad mirror facets

A Graff white diamond comprises countless facets that conjure a rainbow of hues, cut precisely, and polished to perfection.

A Graff Sapphire and Diamond Ring featuring a 22.84 ct cushion cut sapphire

Luminous Intensity

Powerful allure

Artful arrangements of different diamond cuts create jewels bursting with brilliance, carefully composed and classically beautiful.

A lady wearing a Graff pear shape ruby and diamond necklace

Pure Theatre

Colour-drenched classicism

Striking combinations of vibrant gemstones and the finest white diamonds create dramatic designs.

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