The 4Cs

The Graff standard

Discover how every diamond is evaluated and assessed at Graff, from the 4CS prescribed by the GIA to our quest for perfection at every stage in a stone’s journey.

Close up of Graff diamonds cut in different shapes


The cut of a diamond determines its shape and is extremely important to its overall beauty. Our diamond cutters and polishers are among the best in the world and they apply their skills to craft perfectly balanced sillhouettes and symmetrical mirror-like facets that display optimum scintillation.

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Close up of a lady's hand wearing a Graff diamond engagement ring


Carat is the unit of measurement used to describe a diamond’s weight and is equal to 0.2 grams. From perfectly proportioned stones of less than one carat to extraordinary gems weighing over 100 carats, each Graff diamond is a true masterpiece.

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Close up of a Graff Icon setting round diamond engagement ring


The most highly regarded white diamonds are completely, or close to completely, colourless. Graded on a scale from D to Z, most Graff diamonds range between D and G – the rarest and most sought-after grades.

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Close up of Graff diamonds and a gemmologists loupe


Clarity measures the number, size, position and colour of inclusions captured within, and blemishes on the surface of, a diamond. Graff diamonds are exceptionally pure; many are Flawless or display minute inclusions that are invisible to the naked eye.

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